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posted on 05.03.2019 by Ermes Toninelli, Bienvenu Ndagano, Adam Vallés, Bereneice Sephton, Isaac Nape, Antonio Ambrosio, Federico Capasso, Miles Padgett, Andrew Forbes
These programmes were tested using National Instruments LabVIEW 2017 and Vision Sofware 2017. Third party dependencies (provided as part of this code) are also required and can be installed using the National Instruments VI Package Manager. Below is a description of the code provided: 1) Dependencies. These are required to run the programmes and can be installed using NI VI Package Manager; 2) LabVIEW Automation Programme. This code allows to control four roto-flip stages and a connected CCD camera to perform an automated state tomography measurement. To run the programme open the "" file within the "Project Files" folder. In the "Utilities" subfolder standalone programmes can be used to individually control the roto-flip stages and assist in the debugging of the system. 3) Folder "LabVIEW Optimiser Programme" contains the code required to analyse the data saved by the automation programme. To run the programme open the "" file within the "Project Files" folder. The folder where the saved data is located needs to be specified before running the programme, together with the type of measurement (Bell or Tomography). More information about the programmes can be found in the attached .pdf notes (notes.pdf).