Matlab P-file for SFR calculation

Author: Zong QIN, Po-Jung WONG, et al., National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, R.O.C. Function name: Calc_SFR Description: Calculate spatial frequency response based on a slanted-edge Input argument: None Output argument: An N by 2 matrix whose first and second column denotes spatial frequency in cycle/pixel and contrast ratio respectively Output figure: see "Figures.bmp" How to use: Once the function is called, a dialog box will be prompted for you to select an image file, and then a slanted-edge region (region of interest) needs to be cropped from the image interactively. This program is written for vertical slanted-edge, thus if a horizontal edge is to be investigated, it should be rotated for 90 degree in advance. This function is compatible with Matlab r2015b or later version. Compatibility is not guaranteed for older version Matlab.