Chirped dissipative solitons in driven optical resonators

Posted on 09.06.2021 - 21:16
Solitons are self-sustaining particle-like wave-packets found throughout nature. Optical systems such as optical fibers and mode-locked lasers are relatively simple, technologically important, and continue to play a major role in our understanding of the rich nonlinear dynamics of solitons. Here we present theoretical and experimental observations of a new class of optical soliton characterized by pulses with large and positive chirp in normal dispersion resonators with strong spectral filtering. Numerical simulations reveal several stable waveforms including dissipative solitons characterized by large frequency chirp. In experiments with fiber cavities driven with nanosecond pulses, chirped dissipative solitons matching predictions are observed. Remarkably, chirped pulses remain stable in low quality-factor resonators despite large dissipation, which enables new opportunities for nonlinear pattern formation. By extending pulse generation to normal dispersion systems, and supporting higher pulse energies, chirped dissipative solitons will enable ultrashort pulse and frequency-comb sources that are simpler and more effective for spectroscopy, communications, and metrology. Scaling laws are derived to provide simple design guidelines for generating chirped dissipative solitons in micro-resonator, fiber-resonator, and bulk enhancement cavity platforms.


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Spiess, Christopher; Yang, Qian; Dong, Xue; Bucklew, Victor; Renninger, William (2021): Chirped dissipative solitons in driven optical resonators. The Optical Society. Collection.



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Christopher Spiess
Qian Yang
Xue Dong
Victor Bucklew
William Renninger


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