Conical refraction with low-coherence light sources

Published on 2019-08-22T21:23:06Z (GMT) by
We report on conical refraction (CR) with low-coherence light sources, such as light-emitting diodes and decoherentized HeNe laser radiation, and demonstrate different CR patterns. In our experiments, a variation of the pinhole sizes from 25 to 100 μm and the distances to pinhole from 50 to 5 cm reduced spatial coherence of radiation that resulted in the disappearance of the dark Poggendorff’s ring in the Lloyd’s plane. This is attributed to the interference nature of the Lloyd’s distribution and found to be in excellent agreement with the paraxial dual-cone model of conical refraction.

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Mylnikov, Valentin; Losev, Sergey; Dudelev, Vladislav; Fedorova, Ksenia; Rafailov, Edik; Sokolovskii, Grigorii (2019): Conical refraction with low-coherence light sources. The Optical Society. Collection.