Controllable continuous variable quantum state distributor

Posted on 06.04.2021 - 14:19
To scale quantum information processing, quantum state distributors are an indispensable technology in quantum networks. We present a universal scheme of a continuous-variable (CV) quantum state distributor that performs point-to-point or point-to-multipoint distributions via quantum teleportation with partially disembodied transport. The distribution protocol presented here is intrinsically immune to the potential eavesdropping attributed to the usage of highly entangled state. In addition, the fidelity of the state at the output nodes can be conveniently manipulated as needed by engineering the correlation noise of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) beam without sacrificing the security. The point-to-point quantum state distributor is achieved by quantum teleportation, with a maximum fidelity of 0.905 aided by maximum correlation variances. For a 1→2 distributor, controllable distributions were demonstrated by manipulating the squeezing factor of EPR entanglement. The fidelities of the two receivers gradually changed from (2/3, 2/3) to (0.95, 0.17) corresponding to the transition from symmetric to asymmetric quantum cloning.


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Wang, Qingwei; Wang, Yajun; sun, xiaocong; tian, yuhang; li, wei; Tian, Long; et al. (2021): Controllable continuous variable quantum state distributor. The Optical Society. Collection.


Optics Letters


Qingwei Wang
Yajun Wang
xiaocong sun
yuhang tian
wei li
Long Tian
Xudong Yu
Jing Zhang
Yaohui Zheng


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