Eigenvalue calibration method for dual rotating-compensator Mueller matrix polarimetry

Posted on 13.09.2021 - 17:07
Dual rotating-compensator Mueller matrix polarimetry (DRC-MMP) has achieved wide applications in material characterization, nano-scale measurement, and biomedical diagnosis. However, the traditional calibration method for DRC-MMP relies on establishing an accurate system model, which makes its implementation awesome, especially in the presence of polarizing components that are complex to be modeled. We propose a novel eigenvalue calibration method for DRC-MMP without system modeling. Two specific basis vectors are introduced to transform the continuously modulated light intensity in DRC-MMP into a 55 projection matrix. Eigenvalue analysis is then performed based on the light intensity projection matrix to obtain the modulation matrix and the analysis matrix associated with the polarization state generator and the polarization state analyzer, respectively. The method is applied for DRC-MMP in both single-pass and double-pass setups and the experimental results have verified the proposed calibration method.


Sheng, Sheng; Chen, Xiuguo; Chen, Chao; Zhuang, Jinfeng; Wang, Cai; Gu, Honggang; et al. (2021): Eigenvalue calibration method for dual rotating-compensator Mueller matrix polarimetry. The Optical Society. Collection. https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.c.5559450.v2
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Optics Letters


Sheng Sheng
Xiuguo Chen
Chao Chen
Jinfeng Zhuang
Cai Wang
Honggang Gu
Shiyuan Liu


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