High-responsivity Broadband Photodetection of ultra-thin In₂S₃/CIGS Heterojunction on Steel

Posted on 03.05.2021 - 16:36
Cu(In,Ga)Se₂ (CIGS) is a promising light harvesting material for large-area broadband photodetection but this has been rarely studied up to now. Here, an ITO/IZO/ZnMgO/In₂S₃/CIGS/MoNa/Mo heterojunction photodiode fabricated on steel is shown highly photo-sensitive from ultraviolet to near infrared spectrum, with a photoresponsivity over 1 A/W, an external quantum efficiency over 150% and a detectivity over 1.2×10¹¹ Jones under a reverse bias of 1 V. Moreover, the CIGS photodiode exhibits an outstanding weak light detection ability (i.e. at light power density of 20 μW/cm²), reaching a record responsivity of 2.64 A/W, an impressive EQE of 376% and a good detectivity of 2.6×10¹¹ Jones at 870 nm under 1 V reverse bias. Importantly, the CIGS photodiode, working as a self-powered photodetector, shows a record detectivity of ~3.9×10¹² Jones with a high responsivity of ~0.56 A/W, and a high EQE of ~80%, at 870 nm.


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Zeng, Xi; Lontchi, Jackson; Zhukova, Maria; Fourdrinier, Lionel; Qadir, Israr; Ren, Yi; et al. (2021): High-responsivity Broadband Photodetection of ultra-thin In₂S₃/CIGS Heterojunction on Steel. The Optical Society. Collection. https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.c.5324042.v2


Optics Letters


Xi Zeng
Jackson Lontchi
Maria Zhukova
Lionel Fourdrinier
Israr Qadir
Yi Ren
Esko Niemi
Guoli Li
Denis Flandre


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