Nonlocal magnon entanglement generation in coupled hybrid cavity systems

Posted on 19.02.2021 - 17:40
We investigate dynamical generation of macroscopic nonlocal entanglements between two remote massive magnon-superconducting-circuit hybrid systems. Two coupled microwave cavities are employed to serve as an interaction channel connecting two sets of macroscopic hybrid units each containing a magnon (hosted by a Yttrium-Iron-Garnet sphere) and a superconducting-circuit qubit. The structure of the proposed hybrid system allows the existence of an optimal fiber coupling strength that requests the shortest amount of time to generate a systematic maximal entanglement, which is solely dependent on the couplings of the channel with both magnon and superconducting circuit. Specific parameters of the proposed scheme are shown to be within the scope of current technology. The noise effects on the implementation of systems are also treated in a general environment suggesting the robustness of our results. Our discrete-variable qubit-like entanglement theory of magnons may lead to direct applications in various quantum information tasks.


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Luo, Dawei; Qian, Xiao-Feng; Yu, Ting (2021): Nonlocal magnon entanglement generation in coupled hybrid cavity systems. The Optical Society. Collection.


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Dawei Luo
Xiao-Feng Qian
Ting Yu
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