Photon-phonon spin-orbit interaction in optical fibers

Posted on 03.05.2021 - 19:28
The spin-orbit interaction (SOI) is a striking physical phenomenon, in which spin and orbital features of a particle or a wave field affect each other. Recently, there has been a huge amount of interest in the SOI of light as it accompanies a number of fundamental light-matter interaction processes, enabling intriguing applications. We report here on the first demonstration of the spin-orbit coupling between photons and phonons, in stark contrast to recently reported studies dealing with a "single - field" SOI. We show that the spin angular momentum of phonons can be transformed into the orbital angular momentum of photons and vice versa during the fiber acousto-optic interaction. It results in acoustic-spin-dependent dynamically tunable generation of topologically charged optical vortex beams directly from a Gauss-like mode. Such a novel type of optical mode conversion can be useful in such vortex-based photonics applications as micromechanics, classical and quantum information technologies, and simulation of quantum computing. This particular example of a ”two-field SOI shows that the concept of the spin-orbit coupling can be generalized to the description of interaction between elementary excitations of different physical nature. Our findings indicate that novel-SOI-assisted effects might be found in physical systems with photon-phonon, magnon-phonon, electron-phonon and other interactions, paving the way to new tailored topologically charged multi-particle states in photonics, spintronics, plasmonics, etc.


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Yavorsky, Maxim; Vikulin, Dmitriy; Alexeyev, C.; Belotelov, Vladimir (2021): Photon-phonon spin-orbit interaction in optical fibers. The Optical Society. Collection.




Maxim Yavorsky
Dmitriy Vikulin
C. Alexeyev
Vladimir Belotelov


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