Post-fabrication Tuning of Micro-ring Resonators Using 3D-printed Microfluidics

Posted on 13.09.2021 - 17:08
We demonstrate a method of tuning the resonant frequencies of silicon microring resonators using a 3D-printed microfluidic chip overlaid directly on the photonic circuit with zero energy consumption following the initial tuning. Aqueous solutions with different concentrations of NaCl are used in experimentation. A shift of a full Free Spectral Range (FSR) is observed at a concentration of 10% NaCl. On a 60 μm microring resonator, this equals a resonant wavelength shift of 1.514 nm when the index of the cladding changes by 0.017 refractive index units (RIU), or at a rate of 89.05 nm/RIU.


Larson, Kevin; Hammond, Alec; Carver, Christian; Anderson, Derek; Viglione, Matthew; Boaks, Mawla; et al. (2021): Post-fabrication Tuning of Micro-ring Resonators Using 3D-printed Microfluidics. The Optical Society. Collection.
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Kevin Larson
Alec Hammond
Christian Carver
Derek Anderson
Matthew Viglione
Mawla Boaks
Gregory Nordin
Ryan Camacho


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