Single-shot 3D tracking based on polarization multiplexed Fourier-phase camera (PM-FPC)

Posted on 14.09.2021 - 13:45
3D mapping and tracking for moving objects has been found important applications in the 3D reconstruction for vision odometry (VO) or simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). This paper presents a novel camera architecture to locate the fast-moving objects in 4D space (x y z t) through a single-shot image. Our 3D tracking system records two orthogonal field-of-views (FoVs) with different polarization states on one polarization sensor. An optical spatial modulator is applied to build up parallel temporal Fourier-phase coding channels, and the integration is performed in the corresponding CMOS pixels during the exposure time. With the 8-bit grayscale modulation, each coding channel can achieve 256x temporal resolution improvement. A fast single-shot 3D tracking system with 0.78 ms temporal resolution in 200ms exposure is experimentally demonstrated. Furthermore, it provides a new image format: Fourier-phase map, which has a compact data volume. The latent spatio-temporal information in one 2D image can be efficiently reconstructed at relative low computation cost through the straightforward phase matching algorithm. Cooperated with scene-driven exposure as well as reasonable Fourier-phase prediction, one could acquire 4D (x y z t) data of the moving objects, segment 3D motion based on temporal cues, and track targets in a complicated environment.


jiajie, Teng; Hu, Chengyang; Huang, Honghao; Chen, Minghua; Yang, Sigang; Chen, Hongwei (2021): Single-shot 3D tracking based on polarization multiplexed Fourier-phase camera (PM-FPC). The Optical Society. Collection.
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