Temporal soliton and optical frequency comb generation in Brillouin laser cavity

Published on 2019-11-26T16:39:42Z (GMT) by
Temporal cavity soliton generation in fiber cavities or microresonators has achieved great breakthroughs and found significant applications in many fields. Despite recent advances on soliton frequency comb generation via external driving or pump light, it remains challenging to identify a versatile approach for driving the cavity coherently, tuning the mode spacing of soliton frequency combs largely, and achieving long term operation. Here, instead of using external pump light to drive the cavity coherently, intra-cavity pumping is proposed to drive a Kerr-nonlinear optical cavity for generating temporal soliton and soliton frequency comb. By introducing the Brillouin gain into the cavity, the generated intra-cavity Brillouin lasers are used as the pump light to drive the cavity coherently for generating temporal solitons. In contrast to previous works, the soliton pulses form spontaneously via intra-cavity pumping without the need of fine tuning of the external pump light (to match the cavity resonance), which makes the generated soliton pulses become immune to thermal effects and other environmental perturbations, and enables the generation of soliton frequency comb via cascaded four wave mixing between multiple wavelength intra-cavity Brillouin lasers. Furthermore, by varying the frequency separation of multiple wavelength intra-cavity Brillouin lasers, the soliton pulses with a pulse width of hundreds of femtoseconds and a repetition rate of GHz-THz are achieved via intra-cavity pumping, corresponding to the generation of soliton frequency combs with step tunable mode spacing from GHz to THz.

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Qin, Guanshi; Huang, Yali; Li, Qing; Han, Jun-Yuan; Jia, Zhixu; Yu, Yong-Sen; et al. (2019): Temporal soliton and optical frequency comb generation in Brillouin laser cavity. The Optical Society. Collection. https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.c.4722161.v1