Tensorial phase control in nonlinear meta-optics

Posted on 18.02.2021 - 22:14
Nonlinear metasurfaces have recently brought harmonic generation to sub-wavelength level, with spectral and polarization control unachievable in bulk crystals. Not only does nonlinear meta-optics enable to investigate nonlinear physics at the nanoscale, but it also opens promising technological perspectives. To date, however, no full-phase control has been demonstrated on an harmonic field generated with a sufficient efficiency for most practical purposes. In this work, based on the χ^(2) fully tensorial features of AlGaAs metasurfaces, we propose a robust method to generate 0-2π phase-encoded second harmonic light for nonlinear wavefront shaping, experimentally demonstrating nonlinear beam steering and all-dielectric meta-lenses that generate and focus second harmonic beams to sub-wavelength spot sizes. Nonlinear generation with record efficiency and phase control are achieved in nanostructured arrays which are fully compatible with mature III-V semiconductor technology. This breakthrough paves the way to the development of ultrathin free-space photonic devices for nonlinear imaging, including night vision.


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Gigli, Carlo; Marino, Giuseppe; Artioli, Alberto; Rocco, Davide; De Angelis, Costantino; Claudon, Julien; et al. (2021): Tensorial phase control in nonlinear meta-optics. The Optical Society. Collection. https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.c.5267306.v2



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Carlo Gigli
Giuseppe Marino
Alberto Artioli
Davide Rocco
Costantino De Angelis
Julien Claudon
Jean-Michel Gerard
Giuseppe Leo


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