USB-Powered technology platform for laser ablative thrust generation

Posted on 07.04.2021 - 19:57
Small satellites gave the opportunity to universities all over the world, to allow their students in participating in a complete satellite mission. After some years the graduating students and the developing technologies for satellites as small as a 1 liter cube, have reached a point, were a new type of space industry is developing and gaining in importance. Despite all possibilities and components available for such systems, it is still a very difficult task to maneuver these satellites due to the lack of compact and efficient thruster systems. Here we demonstrate the compactification of a laser ablative thruster concept called MICROLAS. We verify the functionality of all sub components and demonstrate ablation under vacuum conditions


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Bauer, Toni; Weixler, Sebastian; Lorbeer, Raoul-Amadeus; eckel, hans-albert (2021): USB-Powered technology platform for laser ablative thrust generation. The Optical Society. Collection.


OSA Continuum


Toni Bauer
Sebastian Weixler
Raoul-Amadeus Lorbeer
hans-albert eckel
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