Visually Guided Chick Ocular Length and Structural Thickness Variations Assessed by Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography

Posted on 13.10.2021 - 16:23
Chick is an excellent model for studying myopia. To study the change of the ocular structures in chicks, ultrasound is mostly used. However, it suffers from limited spatial resolution. In this study, we investigated the axial length (AL) and the thickness of different ocular structures in chicks’ eye undergoing visually induced changes using a swept-source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) system in vivo. Two groups of chicks wore a translucent plastic goggle (n = 6) over the right eye to induce form-deprivation myopia. Following 12 days of form deprivation, goggles were removed in one group of chicks (n = 3), and chicks were allowed to experience a 5-days of unrestricted vision (recovery). Goggles remained in place for a total of 17 days for the remaining 3 chicks. A separate group of 3 chicks were untreated and served as normal control. Ocular dimensions were measured in control, myopic, and recovered eyes using a SS-OCT system. We found myopic chick eyes had significantly thicker AL, lens thickness (LT), anterior chamber depth (ACD), and vitreous chamber depth (VCD), but significantly thinner retina thickness (RT) and choroid thickness (ChT) compared to control eyes. Following 5 days of recovery, the cornea thickness (CT), retina pigment epithelium thickness (RPET), and ChT were significantly thicker, while the ACD, and LT became significantly thinner compared to that of myopic eyes. SS-OCT can serve as a promising tool to provide measurements of the entire ocular structures, for evaluating the change of thickness and depth of different ocular structures in chicks in vivo. The change of AL in myopic and recovered chick eyes can be attributed to the thickness alterations of different ocular structures. Altogether, this work demonstrated the feasibility of SS-OCT in chick myopic research and exhibits new insights into the changes of ocular structures in chicks experiencing myopia and after the unrestricted vision recovery.


YAN, FENG; WANG, CHEN; Wilson, Jayla; Connell, Michael; Ton, Sam; Davidson, Noah; et al. (2021): Visually Guided Chick Ocular Length and Structural Thickness Variations Assessed by Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography. Optica Publishing Group. Collection.
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