X-ray Source Translation Based Computed Tomography (STCT)

Posted on 09.06.2021 - 17:57
Micro computed tomography (μCT) allows the noninvasive visualization and 3D reconstruction of internal structures of objects with high resolution. However, current commercial μCT is rotation-based CT (RCT), which has difficulties in imaging large objects with high resolution because fabrication of large-area, inexpensive flat-panel detectors remains a challenge. In this paper, we proposed a source translation based CT (STCT) for imaging large objects with high resolution, where the field of view is primarily determined by the source translation distance. To compensate for the deficiency of incomplete data in STCT, we introduced multi-scanning STCT (mSTCT), from which the projections theoretically meet the conditions required for accurate reconstructions. Theoretical and numerical studies showed that mSTCT has ability to accurately image large objects without any visible artifacts. Numerical simulations also indicated that mSTCT has a potential capability to precisely image the region of interest (ROI) inside objects, which remains challenge in RCT due to truncated projections. In addition, an experimental platform for mSTCT has been established, from which the 2D and 3D reconstructed results demonstrated its feasibility for μCT applications. Moreover, STCT also has a great potential for security inspection and product screening by using two perpendicular STCTs, with advantages of low-cost equipment, high-speed examination.


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Yu, Haijun; Lei, Li; Chuandong, Tan; Liu, Fenglin; Zhou, Rifeng (2021): X-ray Source Translation Based Computed Tomography (STCT). The Optical Society. Collection. https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.c.5446047.v2



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Haijun Yu
Li Lei
Tan Chuandong
Fenglin Liu
Rifeng Zhou


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